Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'Today's Blog' by Arirang TV: Korean Model Line

I finally got my hands on the segment I shot for Arirang TV called Today's Blog.   The show highlights foreigners living in Seoul who write blogs about life in Korea - showcasing anything from drinking soju to the cherry blossom festival to Seoul's nightlife.  We filmed in December on the day Korean designer Kim Seoryong / 김서룡 was debuting his SS11 collection:

It's so awkward hearing your own voice on television - I'm soooo not cut out to be any sort of TV host that's for sure and I really wish I would have gotten that mop of hair trimmed before filming.  But I was happy with the editing (other than the opening scene where they filmed me from below, that's never a good angle!) and I liked that they included a lot of the backstage shots I had taken during filming.  All in all it was a great experience and since Arirang is broadcast around the world in over 188 countries, I hope this segment helps boost the global awareness of Korean men's fashion.


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