Monday, February 7, 2011

chadchad of the day 2.1

navaho print jacket / vintage
sky blue braided belt / no brand
raw denim / PLAC
mustard yellow socks / UNIQLO
black leather shoes / Trippen

I had some free time yesterday afternoon and was tired of taking 'chadchad of the day' pictures around my apartment so I decided to wonder along the Cheonggye Stream / 청계천 in central Seoul for some inspiration. I love the parks that run along this 8.4km stretch of stream as there isn't much nature to be found in Seoul, especially during the grey winters. I applaud the engineers who redesigned this area once used as a highway in the middle of the city. In many places they let nature run wild and didn't try to tame it or sculpt it into something more manageable. It is also one of the only places to view what little wildlife can be found in Seoul other than garbage rats & nasty pidgeons. You can easily spot a pair of mallard ducks or the many kinds of fish swimming in stream all year round.

I recently rediscovered this lovely pair of Trippen leather shoes I purchased over 4 years ago from Gravity Pope in Edmonton, an amazing shoe store where a few of my Canadian friends have worked. Trippen shoes are all hand-cut & hand-stitched and remind me of adorable little elf shoes. Check out their website for a more detailed description of the manufacturing process.


While wandering along the Cheonggye Stream I came across a staircase that led to the Seoul Folk Flea Market / 서울 풍물 시장 and went in for a bit of exploring. Any junk lover or thrift enthusiast would love this spot. It's an amazing place to find everything from vintage leather jackets, hiking boots, old Korean toys & games, records of Korean trot music & pretty much anything else you can imagine that was ever bought or sold in Korea. I even found quite a few Navaho printed jackets like the one I am wearing.  The prices are a little steeper than the outdoor Dongmyo Flea Market, but the booths & merchandise are more organized & being indoors it's a lot more comfortable to shop in the winter.


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IMG_0015 IMG_0012

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