Friday, February 25, 2011

chadchad of the day 2.5

lace shirt / vintage
black waxed denim / 'Unknown'
white embroidered slip ons / Alpargatas from Columbia
black 'PLASTIC' necklace / handmade by Cory

I should have probably waited a few more weeks for warmer spring weather before rolling out today's 'chadchad of the day', but I just couldn't help myself. I found this vintage women's lace shirt at Dongmyo flea market last week for only W1,000 ($1 US) and was so psyched on it. Lace has been all over the place on the runways & in fast fashion stores like H&M for the past few seasons, even popping up in menswear (think Etro, Resurrection) and I knew I wanted to give it a try. It's scandalous, yes, but I'm happy with the look.

I wore the lace shirt with a necklace my friend Cory made for me using only a glue gun & black glue to draw out the word 'PLASTIC'. I love how she made the letters drip and I like how it's sort of blends into the lace of the shirt. She writes for Misuda Magazine, which is blog about life in Seoul written by foreign females. Check it out - it's informative, cheeky & a good read.

These amazing slip-on's were given to me by my friends Tim & Baek who were recently backpacking around Columbia. They are called Alpargatas and are basically a Columbian version of Tom's. They are made of cheap materials (some even use old car tires to make the sole) and are sold for only about $2US a pair. I love the embroidery and they can be worn casually as well, even as a house slipper.


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