Saturday, April 11, 2009

chan+ge f/w 2009 by lee hyunchan

Theme: Neo Sherpa
"I learned about the Sherpa tribe by accident while watching a documentary channel. As they were working as guides for visitors to the Himalayas, they live in harmony with nature. Nature is more meaningful than materialistic things to the Sherpas and their story gave me more than an inspiration." ~Lee Hyunchan

IMG_3297 IMG_3304

IMG_3290 IMG_3293 IMG_3295

IMG_3298 IMG_3302 IMG_3341

IMG_3313 IMG_3317

IMG_3309 IMG_3314 IMG_3311

IMG_3316 IMG_3319 IMG_3321

IMG_3333 IMG_3340

IMG_3323 IMG_3325 IMG_3328

IMG_3331 IMG_3336 IMG_3338


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