Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm slowly catching up with my friends Eric & Tiffany's Seoul based TV series 'Semipermanent', and just had to share two more episodes.  The episode above titled 'State of the Art' meets up with some more Seoul kids I know including the talented Jamie Bruno who paints murals on abandoned or soon to be torn down homes in the city, as well as Udo Lee, a curator at Platoon Kunsthalle - one of my favorite old haunts in Seoul.  Watching the episode really made me miss all the events that went on at Platoon from concerts to gallery openings and especially the Night Flea Market where I used to make bank every month selling vintage & reformed clothes!  

Episode 6 'All Dressed Up' was especially bittersweet to watch as it focused on Seoul's fashion scene. My boy James Lee McGuown spoke to Eric & Tiff behind the scenes at Seoul Fashion Week while he was getting ready for the Kimseoryong Homme show and there were so many familiar faces popping up from designers I used to know and work with to dressers I recognized and models like Won Joong Kim or Jin Wook Yoon that I used to walk in shows with.  Also very cool to see Dongdaemun fashion market again - I used to spend hours there searching through all the trimmings and fabrics and whatnot. While I might not live there again, I WILL GO BACK ONE DAY!  I can't not - it's my home away from home!  

Seoul - I miss you!  


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